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Following a First Contact (link to “breeding program, paragraph on pre-questionnaire” and only in the case where on the one hand; you decide to welcome one of our babies into your home, on the other hand we are certain of your commitment for the entire life of this animal, we carry out a reservation contract . It is not necessary that puppies have been born, reservations can take place at any time.

This is a document which contains our contact details and respective names, all information on the parents, the marriage, the litter as well as the framework of the sale (guarantees and monitoring of breeding, payment terms, etc.) .

At this stage, a deposit of 35% is requested. This amount represents part of the total price of the puppy until its departure.

Reservations allow us to follow a principle of primacy. He urges us to entrust you with a puppy as soon as possible. Having only a few puppies each year, we favor committed families by respecting the calendar order of reservations.

In the event that it is impossible for us to respect this commitment in the case of unsuccessful breeding, death of a litter, insufficient number of puppies, or because no puppy meets your expectations, we offer to postpone your reservation for a litter. of your choice or cancel your reservation.



Families who have reserved will be notified of the birth of the puppies. The adventure of motherhood begins, and we do everything we can to share as many of these moments as possible. Feedings, cuddles, absurd sleeping positions, physiological development of puppies, behavioral development, first steps, games, and many more are all moments that we share on our Facebook page in the form of photos and videos.

It is also during this period before their departure that you will have to prepare for their arrival.

To this end, we provide you with:

  • an Information Booklet: “ I am adopting a puppy ”: This guide that we have produced for you is full of advice of all kinds: feeding, care and grooming, some basic education, etc.

  • access to our Shop   : It includes professional and/or quality equipment (food, saddlery, bassinets, toys, treats, etc.) that we believe is important to acquire during the life of your dog (or beforehand). The goal is that you can collect your equipment on the day your future companion leaves.

In addition, following the evolution of the law requiring any person acquiring a puppy from October 2022 to sign a real commitment concerning the maintenance and respect for the needs and well-being of the animal, the breeder has decided to offer a TRAINING MODULE for any future adopter of a puppy.

This training is mandatory and offered for future adopters of a puppy from our breeder.

  • Training : “ Preparing for the arrival of my puppy, what should I know? » consists of a theoretical part of 2 hours by videoconference and a practical part of one hour on breeding on the day of departure. More information


The choice is an emotionally strong moment for families. However, it must neither be hasty nor without reason. Communication between us is therefore very important.

We favor visits, but it is possible to choose from the different supports that you have been able to benefit from so far as well as our advice.

Since their birth, we have evolved with them daily and know their little habits perfectly. So we can begin to discern their temperament. This temperament constitutes the innate (biological) part of their personality. Indeed, each of them is born with a range of behavior that is specific to them and which constitutes a basis for the rest of their behavioral development. On the other hand, character, which corresponds to the part of their personality sensitive to educational influences, is indistinguishable at this stage.

Concretely :

You will be able to tell us your 3 favorites, which ones touch you the most. This is a subjective choice.

We will then provide our analysis. We are here to guide you, advise you and provide our expertise to find the one that suits you best and if possible among those that appeal to you. If you really set your sights on a puppy that we think does not meet your expectations, we will be able to explain our point of view to you. If you understand and accept the circumstances that will accompany this puppy's daily life, and you adapt to them, then no worries for us because we know that at two months, a puppy is in the making and the rest of the work of education is yours. For example, we would not let a puppy go who does not seek any contact, or who avoids our children in a family with young children, nor the calmest puppy of all to go cani-hiking...



The puppies are ready for their first big trip. Vaccination in order and certificate of good health stamped, they are just waiting for you.

For you it is also the day of the second part of your training.

All families are expected to come to the farm on a day that suits everyone.

We are committed to keeping this Nox Well Family spirit, but above all, we know that group classes are extremely enriching, the questions from each benefit the others and the information that I give is the same for everyone. You will be able to lead one of our adorable adults, and learn or rediscover, the creation of the bond with the animal, how to make yourself attractive to them and make them want to do things with you. This will also be the time for the last remaining questions.

After giving us time to give them a big goodbye hug, you will finally be on the road. This is the beginning of this long journey with this extraordinary companion. We are counting on you to send us the great moments you spend with him, and sometimes even the not so good ones.




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