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Our other dogs


Born in 2011, Glass is a Belgian Tervueren Shepherd with a charcoal fawn color. Glass is the first dog I trained alone. She was born in a working Belgian Shepherd kennel, and gave me a lot of trouble while growing up. It allowed me to train and expand my knowledge on dog training.

Glass is my first baby, she has always been there, for almost every event in my life. She has been my dog partner for so long now.

She is the paw on which I cried during painful moments, the ear that listened to my secrets that she never repeated, the Belgian smile during the joyful moments spent together, ... and there are so many.

No matter where I have been, Glass has been and no matter what our feelings have been, we have understood each other.

During his young years, Glass introduced me, through a single, unexpected litter, to canine motherhood. I owe to Glass, this very first moment which imbues us with both joy and fear, this kind of joint and indescribable stress and appeasement, this moment when so many varied emotions invade us and yet we find so natural, as if everything should happen as it does.

It was not with Glass that breeding was born, but it was with her that the passion for canis lupus familiaris was confirmed.


Ragna was born with a serious congenital heart condition that we discovered when she was 3 months old. The prognosis was very poor and we decided not to place her. On the other hand, she was a very happy puppy and her growth was not affected. Ragna has exceeded our expectations because she has already lived twice as many years as the prognosis gave her. Ragna does not seem to suffer on a daily basis, she is quite calm and does not engage in fighting games with others. She has learned to live with what her body allows her to do and we respect that.

For Ragna, we remain emotionally ready for his departure which will be premature, and while waiting for this moment, we enjoy all the happy moments together.

Our cats

Saké and Hywell are our two cats. They no longer live at home since the dog pack grew. They greatly prefer outbuildings and are completely free. They have food and water available, and above all caresses every day.

Our horses

5 horses and 1 Shetland pony share our lives. We are very lucky to have them at home.

Our rabbit

Nicknamed Millecrottes, he is a large dwarf rabbit that we collected during the Covid period. There was only him left in the cages at the garden center next door, and we decided to take him so that his life would be spared.

Millecrottes is not a great adventurer, especially with dogs who live at home. He enjoys his spacious cage and daily outings. He doesn't know it, but he has a big fan, Sikery, who can't help but spend his evening with his muzzle resting on the edge of his cage until the lights go out to go to sleep.

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