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Support and monitoring

Our support begins from the first contact and until the end of your dog's life.

In order to better target your expectations and to help you choose the puppy that is best suited to your family, your lifestyle, your activities, your plans with this puppy, we have provided a pre-reservation questionnaire.

This questionnaire is not a document which binds you, however, it allows us to understand the important points of your life which affect the choice of the breed, then the puppy. This questionnaire, which requires five minutes, is very impersonal and therefore cannot be dissociated from a telephone interview at least, from a visit to the breeding farm at best so that we can meet.

Taking the time to communicate with us demonstrates confidence that we can

match your commitment to your future animal.

Because trust must be two-way, we welcome you, with pleasure by appointment.

Good communication between us is essential. Indeed, when choosing your puppy, around 6 weeks old, we must be aware of your objectives and expectations in order to advise you as precisely as possible. Also, as it is up to us to give him his first bases of education, congratulations, learning of forbidden things, reminders, cleanliness, etc., you must be aware of the work already accomplished and in what way to be able to continue to do so. communicate with him correctly and in the best possible conditions.

In addition, following the evolution of the law requiring any person acquiring a puppy from October 2022 to sign a real commitment concerning the maintenance and respect for the needs and well-being of the animal, the breeder has decided to offer a TRAINING MODULE for any future adopter of a puppy.

The training “Prepare for the arrival of my puppy, what should I know?” is mandatory and offered for future adopters of a puppy from our breeder.

In order to support you during your puppy's most intense training period, we offer you 3 individual breeding lessons before your dog's first birthday. The main objective of these courses is to develop the daily handler-dog relationship. Indeed, good communication is the basis of any good relationship. We will also be able to go further, with the learning of certain dressage exercises, in particular those to be carried out for the CSAU exam (certificate, etc.).

De plus, même après l'arrivée de votre compagnon chez vous, nous serons toujours présents pour répondre par téléphone ou mail à vos questions et ce jusqu'à la fin de la vie de votre loulou. 

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