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Breed Standard


The Belgian Shepherd is a vigilant and active dog, brimming with vitality and always ready to take action. He is, without any hesitation, the stubborn and ardent defender of his master. His lively and alert temperament and his assured character, without any fear or aggression, must be visible in the attitude of the body and the proud and attentive expression of his sparkling eyes. The Belgian Shepherd combines strength of character and gentleness to perfection, and this is why he is appreciated both at work and with family.


The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized, powerful shepherd dog with a short back, triangular erect ears and a double, soft coat. Its color depends on the variety, the Groenendael is entirely intense black while the Tervueren can be fawn to sandy with a very black mask and more or less important charcoal hairs.

Health and Tests

Thanks to technological progress in the field of genetics, we have been able to carry out specific health examinations for several years. Health tests on breeding animals make it possible to limit bad genetic mixing and even, sometimes, to eliminate individuals at risk of transmitting hereditary diseases.

We therefore have all our breeders tested for diseases whose incidence is known for the Belgian Shepherd breed in order to ensure the quality of the marriages and therefore of the puppies.

Exhibitions and Competitions

We timidly started beauty dog shows a few years ago. It is our son, Alaric who presents Resistance in exhibition because they have a special bond. He often participates in Young Presenters competitions.

These exhibitions make it possible to classify the canine participants mainly according to the criterion of the dog's morphology. The dog's rankings at the different exhibitions determine access to different titles; like the title of Show Champion for example. Each country governs its own criteria for approval of their title.

We continue to present ourselves in the rings of these competitions, but we would soon like to move towards other more sporting disciplines where the physical performance of the dog prevails.

Some of our dogs show an atavism for tracking, others for herding work. This is an area that we have yet to discover. However, all our dogs receive obedience training, and are able to take the CSAU tests (certificate of sociability and fitness for use).

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