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A champion seed, born from a marriage between two magnificent long-haired dogs. Of average size, with as many bones as is necessary for a male, a full and dense undercoat, he shows the shepherd appearance typical of his breed.

Paddy, for regulars, is a dog of exemplary gentleness, often playful, always listening, he is a companion you cannot do without. Balanced and in good spirit, he transmits calm, patience and delicacy to his children.

He was noticed from an early age at the 2020 Nationale d'Elevage, placing in 2nd position.

See his file: ertanhyys-7300581

Born June 25, 2019 – 64cm - 39kg



ED – 0

Healthy DM

Healthy MDR1

Healthy NAH

Mother: Ivy Der Weibe Stern

Father: Inouk de Real Cortes de Las Arcanas

Available for exterior projections – contact us

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